The Think F1rst Crew are enthusiastic about the brand, fashion forward, innovative, and have a fantastic passion to support black entrepreneurship. Folks in this elite Crew are passionate about supporting a group of minorities behind the scenes to build a brand that every person will feel inspired to connect with. They have a strong love for building the community, acknowledging the struggles that afflict our communities, and wanting to add value back to the world. F1rst Creations is more than just clothing; it’s about people coming together to inspire us all.


People in the Crew know their reach inside and out. They leverage their social media platforms to continuously share their love of our brand and help grow the community at large. They’re responsible for integrating F1rst Creations into their lives, they are ready to think outside the box, and contribute to our marketing efforts through providing ideas to the brand. Why? Their followers and themselves benefit.


Each rep and their followers will receive discounts off merchandise for utilizing a code given to the rep and posted on social media platforms or through word-of-mouth. With each transaction you’ll be able to earn rewards through commissions, cash, or free product. You’ll even be able to be a part of the website through becoming the model of a particular product.


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